Everyone has a favorite white t-shirt. You can wear it with everything, so who can blame you for reaching for a white tee instead of any other shirt in your wardrobe? You can’t deny the beautiful harmony of wearing that white shirt with a great pair of jeans. It’s a combination as classic as peanut butter and jelly. They just work together perfectly. But there are so many styles of jeans to choose from. Which silhouette should you pick? Here are three denim suggestions and a bonus style to complement your white tee.

The Relaxed Girlfriend Jean

The girlfriend jean offers a more feminine, fitted cut inspired by the boyfriend jean style. Girlfriend jeans are an excellent match for your white tees on those super casual days when you have to do chores around the house or run errands all over town. You might have a ton of stuff to do, but the cool, relaxed vibe of the girlfriend jean and white tee combo will mellow you out enough to feel as stylish and laid-back as your outfit.

The Fitted Boot Cut Jean

Boot cut jeans are a flattering look for women of all shapes and sizes, and they just so happen to be one of the best jeans to wear with your favorite plain white tee. Plus, you can always swap your shirt for a dressier top in the evening if you’ve been wearing your white tee all day and want to change to match the vibe of a night out. The fashion tops women love to wear with boot cut jeans are simple and stylish, making them a great choice when the atmosphere calls for other colors or a fun pattern.

The Ankle Crop Jean

Cropped jeans are trending at the moment—and for a good reason. They can help lengthen the look of your legs and provide a flattering fit overall. But don’t be surprised if they also look fantastic on a taller frame as well. The crop is intentional, so these are great jeans for tall women. You can wear your white t-shirt and ankle crop jeans with flats, tennis shoes, or sandals, so it makes sense to pick up a pair or two for the warmer months when you’ll likely want to wear them with your favorite white tee and every other top in your collection.

Bonus: The Cargo Pant 

If you don’t want to wear jeans, you might like the look of cargo pants with your white tee. Your cargo pants should be made with features that create a comfortable and flattering fit for your shape. Look for a style with tummy-smoothing mesh panels, a “no-gap” elastic waistband, and a sweetheart-shaped yoke for a “booty lift” effect. These design elements ensure that even your cargo pants stay flat against your back. That means your cargo pants look fitted and sleek, just like your white tee.

The timeless combination of jeans and a white tee looks best with high-quality denim that enhances your curves and flatters your shape, but it’s up to you to decide which silhouette has the desired effect. You may have a day of chores, a lunch with friends, or a semi-casual dinner with extended family planned, and they might all call for a different fit. What’s the best way to ensure you have the best jeans for your white tee? Get one pair for every style. You really can’t go wrong.

About Democracy Clothing 

Democracy Clothing is devoted to “curve equality” for modern, multitasking women. This casual denim lifestyle brand designs everything from jeans to fashion tops women love so you can feel confident in every outfit you create. With innovative styles you’ll love to wear, you can enjoy the perfect combination of fashion and comfort. Their signature “Ab”solution fit technology features super-stretch denim, tummy-smoothing panels, an inner elastic waistband for a “no-gap” fit, and many other figure-flattering details. That means women of all shapes and sizes can build their perfect denim collection with flattering flare jeans, straight leg styles, and booty lift jeans. Create your effortless aesthetic with the latest denim styles, shorts, and a curated selection of tops from Democracy Clothing.

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