Ready to make some New Year’s fashion resolutions? It may sound like an odd question, but the answer is important—especially if you love keeping up with the latest trends. When you buy pants or jeans, you want styles that help you make the most of every outfit. But all too frequently, they end up falling short of your expectations.

You might have purchased a pair of jeans thinking you were getting decent-sized front pockets, only to discover the pockets weren’t even real. It’s a tragedy. Well, worry no more! It’s time to get more out of your denim favorites and say yes to stylish cargo pants for women. That means finding jeans that won’t let you down. Here are three denim resolutions you can make to start the year in style.

Prioritize Functional Pockets

For far too long, women everywhere have lived with jeans and pants that lacked pockets. Is there any reason these jeans are made without pockets? Not really. No good reason, anyway. Some pants even went the extra mile to add false pockets. The end result: You feel let down. You might have even decided to live with a lackluster pair of pants to avoid the hassle of returning them.

In the New Year, prioritize pants that offer functional pockets, like stylish cargo pants for women. Cargo pants that are well-designed and made with real pockets can feel like a game-changer. Without false pockets, your pants are practical and fashionable. Plus, they look fantastic when paired with the right shoes and top. They’re casual, and they can be comfortable. Best of all, you finally have a convenient way to carry your phone, wallet, and other personal items.

Embrace Jeans That Embrace You

Is this the year to embrace booty lift jeans? You better believe it! Booty lift jeans are jeans specifically designed to enhance your curves and boost your assets. Your shape is one of a kind, and booty lift jeans are made to help you feel confident. They simply embrace your shape better than traditional jeans. And what’s better than jeans that move with you?

The only challenge is deciding how many pairs of booty lift jeans you want. But it’s a challenge worth accepting, especially if it means finding a few pairs of jeans you love. The bottom line is you can find jeans that meet your needs and jeans that help lift you up—in more ways than one!

Transform Your Shopping Experience

Searching the web for booty lift jeans or more specific items like 7 inch inseam shorts womens can feel like quite the undertaking. There’s a lot to choose from. That’s why it’s important to narrow down your search. In the new year, turn your attention to a brand that’s dedicated to a top-quality shopping experience.

Look for positive signs like a broad collection of sizes, from petite to plus and everything in between. A lot of brands try to get away with too few sizes. They make their offerings too general. But the right brand will take your experience seriously. When plus-size and tall women are represented, that’s a win. Look for online shops with other benefits, like loyalty and referral programs or a 30-day return policy. Shouldn’t buying your jeans feel just as good as wearing them for the first time?

About Democracy Clothing

If you’re a modern woman who loves fashion, Democracy Clothing has the jeans for you. This casual denim lifestyle brand designs inclusive styles for women of all shapes and sizes. Each pair is constructed with their “Ab” solution fit technology, allowing you to enjoy the perfect fusion of style, comfort, and a flattering fit. Democracy Clothing’s “Ab” solution fit technology is defined by innovative construction with super-stretch denim and tummy-smoothing mesh panels. Other features include a hidden inner elastic waistband for a “no-gap” fit, a sweetheart-shaped yoke, and strategically placed back pockets for a “booty lift” effect. Democracy Clothing even curates a collection of tops to bring all your weekday and weekend looks together perfectly. To enhance your effortlessly chic aesthetic, check out Democracy Clothing for fashionable styles you’re sure to love.

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